•  Peruvian Virgin Remy Hair 100% Unprocessed, we are extremely proud to introduce you our hair (BonittaHair). This hair is 100% pure virgin, making it of the highest quality in the hair extension busines market. This hair is considered a luxury product because of the difficulty to obtain it. It is very soft, natural shiny and beautifully, therefore Peruvian Virgin Hair is very versatile: this means that it can blend-in quite undetected with your own hair or used on its own in a fully closed weaves 
  • Peruvian Hair comes in  Natural Textures: Straight,  Waves, Curls: Natural Wave textured has a deep wave pattern and requires low maintenace. Peruvian Hair is known for its fuller texture. Peruvian Virgin Natural Wave can be worn it its natural state (wavy) or straighten for a sleek and polished look.


1 - 4 of 4 items
1 - 4 of 4 items

 Unprocessed Peruvian human hair extension, extremely healthy hair, and long lasting, 

Bonitta Hair can be color, perm, bleach, our quality and the freshness can confidently trust. 

You are about to experiece with the purest, healthies hair extensions, with Bonitta Hair. 
We offer Peruvian Unprocessed Human Hair Extensions, the most beautiful form of human hair,
 with a living cuticles. Curl it your way!, Longetity more than a year, tangle free!.
 Anything is possible with Bonitta Hair, bleach, dye, color, perm. 
 The inonovative weft technique keeps the hair shed free, miraculously.